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UALANS Sonic Electric Toothbrush With 8 Brush Heads For Adults Wireless Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrushes, 5 Modes 3 Intensity Levels 65db Low Noise 2 Minutes Smart Timer 4 Hours Fast Charge For 45 Days


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● Meet the needs of different cleaning strengths: 

5 working modes, including cleaning, sensitive, massage, whitening, polishing, each mode has 3 different strengths, taking into account all oral problems and comfort issues, bringing you multiple care and freshness Tone, suitable as your first electric toothbrush!

● 8 replaceable brush heads: 

Equipped with dust cover, enlarged 100 tufts of bristles, larger brushing area, enhanced cleaning power, strong cleaning, sensitive care, no need to buy brush heads for 2 years!

● Scientific timing: 30 seconds short pauses in each area, 2 minutes automatic shutdown, just press the switch to achieve the best brushing time recommended by the dentist, and cultivate your good habit of scientific brushing.

● Long battery life:

Wireless inductive charging, 45 days long battery life after a full charge, energy saving and lightweight, equipped with a travel box, it is your ideal travel companion.

● Waterproof design:IPX7 waterproof design, no fear of wet immersion, can be directly soaked in water for cleaning, which is convenient for you to use safely in the bathroom shower.

Model: ET710

Color: Black

Working frequency: 40000-42000VPM

1 x Electric toothbrush

1 x Charging base

1 x Storage box

8 x Brush heads

1 x Manual


1. Install the brush head on the handle. You can use any kind of toothpaste. To avoid splashing water, align the brush head with your teeth before turning on the toothbrush.

2. The way to brush your teeth is: Guide the brush head to slowly brush from one tooth to the other Hold the brush head for a few seconds before brushing the next tooth. Brush your gums while brushing your teeth. Start with the outside of the tooth, then the inside of the tooth, and finally the chewing surface. Don’t scrub or press hard, just let the brush do all the work.

3. The brushing mode provides different brushing modes and strengths to meet different oral care needs: brushing with 3 different brushing strengths, high-frequency brush head, to remove bacteria on the teeth. Three different brushing strengths – For sensitive teeth and gums, brush more gently. Massage with 3 different brushing intensities – brush your teeth very gently. 3 different brushing intensities – continuous switching between cleaning and polishing modes to whiten teeth. Three different brushing intensities – high intensity and high frequency, polishing and bright teeth. Two-Minute Timer: The product is designed for prove and optimal brushing time. After two minutes of brushing, the device stops automatically.

4. How to switch the brushing mode: power on/off and brushing mode buttons. Press and hold for 5s, the operation queue is: power on, cleaning mode, sensitive mode, massage mode, white mode, polishing mode, end shutdown. Press the button for another 5 seconds to shut down. Press the brushing mode button once, and the S710 will automatically enter the brushing mode. To switch from one mode to another, please press the brushing mode button again. Press the brushing mode button, the brushing mode indicator light will be on, indicating the selected working mode for 2 minutes 30s interval timer guide in Clean, Sensitive, Massage, Whitening and Polishing modes.

1. This product is wireless induction charging, and the toothbrush body is placed on the charging base in the correct way for charging.

2. Do not put any metal objects on the wireless charging base to avoid fire caused by metal heating.

3. When the main body is charging, the red light flashes when charging, the charging will be automatically cut off after the battery is fully charged (4.2V), and the charging green light will always be on.

4. When the battery is completely in low power or has not been charged for a long time, it needs to be charged; the charging light will flash red quickly, which is a normal phenomenon.

5. When charging the main body, there will be a small amount of heating, which is caused by the heating of the transmitting and receiving coils, which does not affect the use.

6. After the main body is fully charged, it should be removed. It is strictly forbidden to charge it for a long time to avoid other accidents.

2 x Super +

1 x Super –

35% CP x 6

22% CP x 2

3 x Whitening Gel

1 x Soothing Gel

1 x Color Card

1 x TW2 Dental Device

1 x Carry Case

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Manual

1 x Mouth Trays

1 x Manual

4 x lithium battery

6 x 35% Whiten Carbamide Peroxide

2 x 22% Soothing Carbamide Peroxide

1 x Color chart


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